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Published on by Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves. Filed under lorkep lri, llyn, dn42, network, dns.

LLYN operations report, 2021-W19

Table of contents

This is the report for 10–16 May 2021 on the state and activities of Lorkep LLYN, a virtual network and autonomous system operating on dn42. This week’s major feature is the network’s rebranding from Lorkep LRI.


From its inception in late 2020, AS4242420827 has been interchangeably referred to as either “LORKEP”, “LORKEP Long-Range Interconnect”, or “Lorkep LRI”. To better delineate it from its parent organization, the network is now being rebranded as “Lorkep LLYN”, or just “LLYN” for short.

As part of this effort, all the information on this blog’s dn42 page, along with a list of publicly available services, was moved to a new website accessible at (Internet) or https://llyn.lorkep.dn42 (dn42). The Internet domain for the looking glass service was also moved to

Furthermore, all peering nodes were assigned new hostnames that include their location and network. For example, Behemoth (with internal ID 13) is hosted by netcup in Nuremberg, Germany, and thus was given the hostname

In conjunction with the hostname changes, the addresses used within peering tunnels were unified throughout the network: fe80::0827/64 in the link-local range and fde0:9750:6d9d:fe80::/112 in the ULA range. These addresses are link-scoped and not routed.

Existing peerings need not be updated for the time being, and all the information required for new peerings can be found in the new peerings page.

Optimizations in recursive DNS caching

After stumbling upon RFC 8767, which documents serving expired DNS records, dns.lorkep.dn42 was reconfigured to conform to it (switching away from Unbound’s original implementation of this feature). More details can be found in Unbound’s post on the subject.

Task list for 2021-W20

  • In preparation for the NixOS 21.05 release, experimental upgrades to the NixOS configuration of LLYN nodes will be performed between the 21.05 branch-off on 21 May and the 20.09 EOL circa 28 June.
  • Otherwise, no changes in deployed services or configurations are scheduled.

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